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Hello and Welcome.
I am tired of the flood of information, tired of the voices pushing and pulling me in all sorts of directions. News sources inevitably become propaganda machines for whoever controls them. The flood keeps me searching for silence and the absence of news, a breath of non information.
so Why Am I starting a blog about the news? to add another ignorant, malignant voice to the flood of useless information?
Gosh, I hope not.
what I will try to do is post articles about things that interest me, increase my own understanding of these things and then share them with whoever would like to know. In this I will attempt to add another voice, without any pretense at decency or authority, but a voice of one person, flawed and bigoted as anyone.
I'll promise to be honest.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thriller in the Philippines

Hi everybody,
I have an article I found interesting to read, and a video I found interesting to watch. I'm interested what people think about the policy of Dance for Rehabilitation.
first, the video -
and the article -

The author of both the video and the article has this site on youtube -

Is this the future of penal facilities? of rehabilitation? What other situations could we apply this to? I can see it now, soldiers doing the Electric Slide, the Watootsie, and the Twist into battle. I see the opposing army meet them with Tap and Swing, then Breakdance their way to victory. I am entranced by this thought, it is a magical world, where Frank Sinatra sings and Fred and Ginga dance on roller skates. Couldn't we do with a bit more musical numbers in this world?
But of course, a musical number cannot happen without practice, so I plead with you all now, lay down your guns for one night a week, just one, go to your local dance studio and learn some steps. This is the wave of the future, world. Catch it, or be left behind.